2019 has been pretty wild so far.

  • I recorded an interview with Future for Beats One Radio that aired for his on-air album release event last month. You can listen to the entire interview on Apple Music, and some excerpts here.
  • Samaria, an artist signed with Republic Records released my mix of “Useless” after our session at Manhattan Beach Recording. She’s a young artist with a promising career ahead of her and I was flattered that she put out the “rough mix” at the end of the session.
  • SAFE also dropped a single I recorded at Manhattan Beach. He’s a rapper from Toronto signed with Bando Records who built quite a following.
  • Although I rarely record audiobooks, some books I recorded last year have gotten a good amount of attention. The Beastie Boys Book was released late last year with the audiobook featuring lots of incredible narrators including Steve Buscemi, Elvis Costello, Chuck D, Michael Diamond, Snoop Dogg, Will Ferrell, Adam Horovitz, LL Cool J, Spike Jonze and many others. My location recording rig went on it’s longest journey yet to Rev Run’s house to record his contribution to the project. It has since been nominated for Audiobook of the Year by the Audio Publisher’s Association. In fact, a handful of books I recorded last year were nominated for Audies, including: The Tattooist of Auschwitz, narrated by Richard Armitage, nominated for Best Fiction, Sadie, narrated by a very large cast (including myself!), nominated for Best Multi-Voiced Performance, and Best Young Adult Work and Black Star Renegades narrated by Dan Bittner, nominated for Best Science Fiction.
  • B Boys released their live performance at Rough Trade that I recorded last year in partnership with Brooklyn Brewery and their label, Captured Tracks. They were gracious enough to send me one of the 500 vinyl pressings of the album. It’s the first time a project I’ve worked on has made it to Vinyl. It’s a cool feeling for sure.
Blue vinyl!
  • I used my location rig as a digital FOH console for a live event at Douglass Recording with performances by Jukebox the Ghost, and Earthquake Lights! Digital consoles for FOH normally aren’t my thing, but I actually really enjoyed it. Of course, it always helps when there’s a fun group on stage. You can watch the performance which was streamed live on Youtube here.
FOH mixing on the computer
  • I was back at Birdland recording a live album by Ann Hampton Callaway singing the songs of Linda Rohnstadt. Keep an eye out for that release!
I got my own table!
  • The rig now has tube power! I built Five Fish Audio’s VT-73 – their discrete microphone pre-amp that uses a combination of tube and solid state for gain. It sounds great, and was a pretty simple build. The DOA didn’t scare me away.
  • And as always, I’m always at my usual haunt Pete’s Candy Store for live recordings.

Looking forward to the rest of the year!

I’ve had a blast the past few months engineering at Manhattan Beach Recording Studios on 37th st in Manhattan – nearly every day. I can’t share any specific projects yet, but it’s been great to work with some very talented major label artists and musicians. But for now, you can pick me out “hard at work” in this music video of Bashli in studio A.

Party band The Barnstorm released their 2018 promo video that I recorded on location and mixed. Check it out here:

I was in some unique locations with my mobile rig lately. Recording B Boys at Rough Trade NYC for a limited vinyl release (only 500!) with the Brooklyn Brewery Presents series,  Iris Lune at H0l0 in Ridgewood for a live performance video, and Sirintip at the YouTube Space NYC for another live performance video. All of these acts are super exciting and deserve a listen. And of course, live recordings at Pete’s Candy Store continue, with avant-guarde duo, Wit and Daniel, rock group A Crystal O, and Pete’s new monthly series Crypto Conversations which is released as a podcast here.

I’ve stepped away from recording audiobooks to devote more of my time recording music – but some more books I recorded were awarded Audiofile Magazine’s earphones award! The Mere Wife by Maria Dahvana Headley, read by Susan Bennett won for September 2018. It’s a modern take on Beowulf, and frankly, one of the best books I’ve ever read.

This year has been great so far!

Live recordings at Pete’s Candy Store has kept rolling on with six more awesome recordings. Acoustic singer-songwriter The Balladeer, released the recording of his performance on all available music purchasing sites and listen on Spotify, mixed and mastered by myself.  Poet/Songwriter Blythe Gruda will be doing the same in the coming months! Other performances included early Beatles cover band, The Giordano Trio, rock group The Witch Ones, solo rock artist Mark Dylan, and rock group Cat Dail.

I recorded on set for party band The Barnstorm‘s music video.  I’ve been busy mixing the tracks, and it’s set to be finished within the next few months.

Working with Douglass Recording on location in the Hamptons, I recorded an abridged performance of Far Travelersan upcoming opera, AND also ran FOH for the performance. Quite a feat for me. More information can be found on composer/librettist Jeffery Leiser’s website. Check out a video of highlights below!

Far Travelers Opera – Highlights from Jeffrey Leiser on Vimeo.

At Douglass Recording (in Brooklyn this time) I engineered my largest session ever for an upcoming video for Earthquake Lights with the Shattered Glass Orchestra. Look out for that video in the later part of the year.

The back of my head at Douglass Recording, 19-piece, Shattered Glass Orchestra in the live room

I finished my 8 channel, balanced microphone splitter! Based on Jensen’s schematic, I designed the circuit board for it to fit inside of the ART P-16 XLR patch bay. It will live happily ever after in the rig. I’ll soon be making another unit, giving me even more balanced splits.

The rig and I has also gone to a few other awesome places, including the Bushwick Public House to record Reindeer Castle live, the historic Sunny’s Bar in Red Hook to record The Brooklyn Flyers, and even a restaurant basement to record a podcast. It’s been a wild year so far.

In audio book world, two more books I engineered won Audiofile Magazine’s monthly earphones award, bringing my personal total to five! Song of a Captive Bird, a historical fiction novel about the life of Iranian artist Forugh Farrokhzad written by NY Times best selling author, Jasmin Darznik and read by Mozhan Marno, was released by Random House Audio in February. An Irish Country Practice, the 12th book in the series by Patrick Taylor, read by John Keating was released by Macmillan Audio, and won the award in February. Both titles were recorded by myself at John Marshall Media.

Last year, I was a part of many incredible recording projects.
I recorded live sets of some amazing musicians at Birdland Jazz Club, and Ginny’s Supper Club, including Grammy award winning  Kurt Elling, Ann Hampton CallawayGrace Kelly with the Django Reinhardt Festival All Stars, Rondi Charleston, Brianna Thomas and Veronica Swift. Some recordings will be used for the upcoming documentary She’s Got Jazz by Burns Media Productions. You can hear snippets of these recordings below.

Live recordings have started at Pete’s Candy Store! I’ve had the pleasure to record and mix some amazing sets so far. Most recently, Tim and The Tall Boys (NYC) had an exciting month long residency in January.
Other amazing performances from Erin Kron (Los Angeles, CA), Major Glen (Glendale, CO), Mississippi Cotton (NYC), and Tory Silver (Boston, MA), who released her entire set as an album on her Bandcamp, mixed and mastered by myself.

I’ve been working on a passive, balanced microphone splitter with Jensen transformers. The circuit board has been sent out to be printed, and I’ll be excited to share more info once it’s completed.
I’m always happy to be engineering at my two favorite studios, Douglass Recording, and Mighty Toad Recording Studio. I’m very excited about a few projects that I worked on that will be coming out this year!


I engineered over 35 audiobooks in 2017 for some great publishers, including Harper, Penguin Random House, Macmillan, Scholastic and Recorded Books. Two of those won Audiophile Magazine’s monthly Earphones Award, including Windy City Blues, read by Robin Miles, and The Lost Kingdom of Bamarre, read by January LaVoy. Fire and Fury by Michael Wolfe generated a lot of headlines in the news for it’s unique look from inside the Trump White House. I had a blast engineering the audio book version with Holter Graham narrating.