Pete’s info

Pete’s Candy Store on Lorimer st. in Brooklyn, NY is a live music venue with performances nearly every night of the week throughout the year. The recordings at Pete’s Candy Store are live, multi-track recordings. Every artist recorded receives the multi track “stems” as unprocessed WAV files and rough mixes within two weeks of the performance.

If you’ve been confirmed to play a set, and are interested in having your set recorded, send me an email here with your detailed setup information (As detailed as possible! How many vocalists? Does your acoustic guitar or stringed instrument plug in?) and your set time and date.


Is this just a feed from the board?
No! All signals from the stage are sent to my recording rig first which is equipped with balanced microphone splitters made with Jensen Transformers. I made them myself! The signal gets split into two independent outputs. One of which gets recorded in Pro Tools, the other gets sent to the front of house system.

Can I use these files in Logic/Reaper/Garage Band?
Yes! The multi-track stems are time aligned, lossless wav files, so you are free to mess around with them in any digital audio workstation.

How much does it cost?
It’s $125 flat fee. If you’re interested in having me spend some more serious time mixing your tracks, I would be happy to do so for an extra, per song fee.

Where can I hear some samples of previous recordings?

You can listen to select tracks below

Have any other questions? Don’t hesitate to message me!